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  • All fill-ins must be registered with Netball4all.
  • There is no cost to filling in, however, we cannot guarantee a game every week.
  • Fill Ins are 'on call' for games that need players, sometimes at the last minute
  • Fill-ins can be players that are already playing in a Netball4all competition or they can be a player that just fills in when needed.
  • Sometimes a team may need a fill-in to help them take the court or if team numbers are odd in a division, a 'Fill-In' team is needed to play each week.
  • Filling-in can introduce new players to the competiton, and quite often a team may ask you to join their team.
  • Fill-ins can join a team during the season, but they may be required to pay game fees for the remainder of the season.
  • New Players can start as a fill-in which helps you meet other players.
  • Fill-Ins are sent an sms either the day before or the same day to check if they are available to play.
  • As Fill-Ins are sometimes used at the last minute, you must reply promptly to get a game.
  • We supply bibs, balls and umpires. Please note that bibs supplied may be loose fitting, as we need to cater for all sizes.
  • Canvas shoes cannot be worn whilst warming up or playing.
  • Prizes are given to registered players of Grand Final winning teams of each division - there are no cash prizes
Netball4all Fill In Policy:
  • Netball 4All created a Fill In Policy to ensure that all teams & players have an enjoyable experience when playing and to reduce forfeits.
  • Netball4all does not guarantee a fill in, just because you ask for one.
  • Fill ins will be provided to ensure a team has 5 players minimum, so they can take the court. A fill in will be provided, where possible, to supply a 6th player.
  • Fill Ins come with a 5 penalty goal per fill in player supplied.
  • If you request a fill in and do not need them without notifying Netball4all min.10 mins prior to the start of the game, you will receive a 10 goal penalty.
  • Teams cannot use a registered player from another team, unless they have requested it thru a Netball4all official, however, they are still classified as a fill in unless they are registered in your team.
  • All fill ins must go thru Netball4all officials, usually Ann Maree or Kim.
  • Fill Ins must be registered by the night that they play, must sign on at clubhouse prior to playing and must be approved prior to playing
  • Some Fill Ins may be restricted to the positions that they are allowed to play, if we feel that they may give an unfair advantage in their normal playing position.
  • Teams may lose 2 points if they play a fill in that has not been approved or in a position that was not approved.
  • Netball4all will always try to provide you with a fill in, to make up your 6 players on the court, however, if we feel that the game would be more competitive with only 5 players we may leave your team with only 5.
  • If you know someone who wants to fill in on games, please get them to contact Ann Maree on 0402 233 340.
  • It is entirely up to Netball4All’s discretion as to who they put in a team to fill in. We will always do our best to put in similar graded players, wherever possible, but it will always depend upon availability of fill in players.

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