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Codes of Conduct

Netball 4 All expect all of their umpires to follow these codes of behaviour:
  • Treat all players with respect at all times.
  • Exercise reasonable care to prevent injury by ensuring players play within the rules.
  • Reasonable care consists of advising the players of illegal body movements, showing due diligence in detecting infringements and penalising rule breakers.
  • Place the safety and welfare of the players above all else.
  • Advise Netball4all if they consider the playing conditions to be unsafe, for any reason
  • Advise Netball4all of any emergencies or of any forseeable dangers.
  • Umpires must be impartial and maintain integrity in their relationship with other umpires, playersand coaches.
  • Avoid situations which may lead to a conflict of interest.
  • Be courteous, respectful and open to discussion and interaction.
  • Seek continual self-improvement through study, performance appraisal and regular updating of competencies.
  • Be a positive role model in behaviour and personal appearance by maintaining the higheststandards of personal conduct and projecting a favourable image of netball and umpiring at all times.
  • Always wear Netball4all supplied attire, if received.

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