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Charity Night Games Registration






All proceeds from this Charity Night go towards Destiny Rescue.

We hold this night in memory of one of our umpires, Josiah Toft.


Games are 10 mins halves @ $5 per game



Playing as Individual Team


Which competition would you like to play Ladies Mixed Either

Male Female

7pm 7.30pm 8pm (you can select multiple game times)


Please understand that here is no accident player insurance for the Charity Games

The Participant acknowledges that during all times while he or she is participating in the recreational activity he or she does so at his or her own risk and that the Participant and other people in the care and control of the Participant will not hold the Provider or any of its employees or agents liable for any personal injury or breach of contract whether caused by the negligence of the Provider its employees or agents howsoever caused or otherwise. The Participant acknowledges that in the event that he or she or any of the other people in their care and control find either or any of them is in difficulty that they are to stop the activity or request that the activity be stopped if appropriate, and seek help and/or assistance and advice.

Declaration and acceptance
By accepting this agreement I understand that the Recreational Services as set out in this form may cause my and or my dependants personal injury or death. By accepting this agreement I understand that I and my dependants waive our rights to sue the Provider for losses relating to my and or my dependants personal injury or death that result from any negligence caused by the Provider.