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  • Canvas shoes are not permitted to play in, proper sports hoes must be worn. You may be asked to leave the court if you are wearing canvas shoes. This is entirely for your safety.
  • All players must be registered with Netball4All Pty Ltd.
  • Up to 10 players may register in a team.
  • Maximum of 3 representative senior players
  • Players may play more than 1 game per round, either as a fill-in or as a registered player
  • Teams must have at least 4 registered players playing in a game to receive winning points for that game
  • Junior players must be 14 years and over to participate in the Senior competition.
  • Games will consist of 4 x 10 minute quarters. With breaks of 2, 3 and 2 minutes.
  • If your opposing team forfeits, your team will receive the points & we will generally find a team for you to play against. Forfeiting teams forfeit their game fees.
  • Before the commencement of the final series a player must be a registered player and have played in the team on at least three (3) occasions. Any other fill in players must be approved by Netball4all.
  • Mixed teams must have a minimum of 1 male and a maximum of 3 males on the court. There can only be one (1) male in each third of the court from a positional Shooter (GS or GA) and Mid-Court (WA, C or WD) and Defence (GK or GD).
  • Abuse of umpires will not be tolerated. Offences of this nature could see a team lose points or be expelled from the competition.
  • Score sheets must be completed and signed in full and returned to control at the end of each game. If there is an injury, this must be written on the back of the score sheet.
  • Wet weather games will be played (where time permits). Decisions are at the discretion of Netball 4 All.
  • Team captains to ensure that players are aware of all of the policies and procedures involved in participating in a Netball 4 All Social Competition.
  • Rules as per Netball Australia – "Rules of Netball 2012"
  • All players and umpires will abide by Netball4allCodes of Conduct.
  • Injury and blood policy will be adhered to as per above.

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